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Carrie Vajko

Podcast marketing expert ready to get your message out to the masses!

You work too hard...

Wireless Microphone, Headphones and Laptop for Podcasting Flatlay

To be spending hours upon hours editing and producing your show, only to have it not sound right.

To be setting reminders in your Project Management tool to write your show notes and schedule your episode

To be combing through transcripts of your episode to make sure all the wording is accurate and optimized for SEO.

To be promoting someone else's product or service to barely make enough for a Starbucks latte.


I'm Carrie

That's where I come in

I support creative course creators stay in their zone of genius and maximize their marketing efforts through podcasting!

You simply hit record, and I take care of the rest.

Whether you're just getting started on your podcast journey or are looking to outsource the process, I'm here for you!


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A step by step plan to take your podcast from idea to LIVE.



We'll take care of all the editing and audio mixing to make sure you sound the best.

Podcast marketing

Maximize your podcast by repurposing it to other platforms.

What are people saying?

Terri Hamman

From the moment Carrie and I connected through Zoom I was drawn by her excitement and expertise. In fact, within the 30 minute call I felt I had made a new friend.

five star rating

Tiffany Nieman

Carrie is an absolute dream to work with. She values all of her personal relationships & she truly goes above and beyond for them. Carrie is caring, supportive, and dedicated, making sure she provides the highest quality work. She truly listens to each and every one of her clients needs, and gives 110% to each and every project she is presented with.

five star rating

Dana Nuesca

I felt like I had an invested partner. Someone to walk thru the process with me. Thank you for walking me thru the process with ease and even adding valuable instruction.

five star rating

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